Keeper's Quest, Inc. is a worldwide importing / exporting company of fine spirits such as Whisky, Scotch, Gin, French Brandy and Ginger Liqueur.

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Quest Brands is our U.S.A. warehousing & marketing division with a network of authorized distributors bringing our spirits to a location near you.

Ed Kohl

Ed Kohl is the CEO and Managing Director of Keeper's Quest Inc, dba Quest Brands with more than three decades of experience in the wine and Scotch industry, he is a brand builder from beginning to end.

Ed is a customer-focused professional known for building strong, effective relationships and maximizing sales opportunities with his knowledge of the distribution channels. His proven sales talent has resulted in securing key accounts, cultivating strategic relationships, increasing his customer base and generating revenue. Ed is persistent in achieving set goals while building company value.

He started the company with only one brand and a strong belief that his company could grow – and this it did. With 10 more brands in the portfolio, the company has a growth rate of 30% annually, and it's poised for a positive future. Today, Ed is known as the "Spirit and Scotch expert" to thousands in the industry. He conducts workshops and seminars around the USA with the goal of educating people on the nuances of Scotch and spirits, including the distillation process, tasting and more.

With a focus on expanding the company offerings to include specialty spirit categories outside of the current offerings, Ed and his team are creating a seamless interconnected communication with distillers, retailers and consumers. His main effort is to connect with the consumer who is not interested in the everyday brands, but who wants a new experience with a new brand. This includes Millennials who are considered the growth and expansion in the spirits industry whether they purchase in retail stores, bars, or restaurants.

His company serves as the U.S. importer of great spirits, and as a true whisky fan, Ed ensures that the spirits he imports are authentic, all natural, and each has its own unique story to tell.

In 2012 Ed was inducted into The Keepers of the Quaich, a Scotland original organization that honors and gives recognition to individuals who have worked, excelled and promoted the growth of Whisky and Scotch for more than 10 years.

On September 2, 2017, Ed was inducted into The Order of the Musketeers by Compagnie des Mousquetaires d'Armagnac in France.

Lynn Kohl

Lynn Kohl

Lynn has more than 45 years of experience in the beverage industry as Ed Kohl's lifelong partner. She has been an integral part in promoting the spirits business for the past 25 years as a liaison to Ed. With multiple trips, overseas to various distillers and millions of miles of travel she has experienced various layers of sales and marketing specializing in direct consumer promotions. She has conducted many onsite tastings throughout the US and has an ever-expanding knowledge of the spirits industry.

Our Brands


For those who smoke tradition and dodge the drab.

Welcome to Smokehead.

An Islay Single Malt Whisky that's an assault on your senses.

So if you refuse to conform to the rules of normal whisky drinking, and are seeking out something more uncommon, then here's where that pig-headed inquisitiveness of yours gets rewarded.

  • Smokehead 43% Scotch Whisky Bottle

    Smokehead 43%

    Alluringly leftfield, enticingly off kilter, Smokehead is custom built for outsiders who will happily walk across fields of burning peat to find something real, something authentic, something unusual. Something that fits them perfectly.

    Salty and seaweedy, peppery and peaty, smoky and sweet, Smokehead is definitely that. And defiantly not for everyone.

    The aroma of something powerful and fiery awaiting you. Thick, heavy woodsmoke. Rich, earthy peat. Extremes of spice and sweetness. Fresh lemon, zesty ginger, rich plum jam.

  • Smokehead Sherry Bomb 48% Scotch Whisky Bottle

    Smokehead Sherry Bomb 48%

    Smokehead Sherry Bomb is a peaty Islay single malt that has well and truly earned its name. Blasted by rich, sweet and spicy Spanish sherry casks, it has emerged as fiery, explosive, heavy hitting dram that has even turned our skull red. It might well be the exact highly unusual taste you've been waiting for. It might be a cannonball careering towards you that you're keen to avoid. Either way, we've taken our 'not for everyone' mantra to a whole new level.

    Thick peat lets you know you've got a serious Islay single malt on your hands. Then a fruitier, creamier feel &endash; soft rich oak, soothing custard and vanilla.

  • Smokehead High Voltage 58% Scotch Whisky Bottle

    Smokehead High Voltage 58%

    If Smokehead is an assault on your senses, then High Voltage is an all-out attack.

    Its breath-taking intensity is a red light for the faint of heart. And a thumbs-up for those who don't just enjoy the vigorous thump of the bass drum in their chest at a gig but savour the ringing in their ears afterwards.

    Breathe it in and feel the rush of spirit hit the senses and the nose prickle. Intense peat and smoke, maritime air, porridge oats, clean vanilla and toffee.

J.W. Kelly

In 1862 J.W. Kelly migrated from New York state to Tennessee with a dream to produce damn fine whiskey. That passion was realized in 1866 in Chattanooga, TN, with the start of J.W.Kelly & Co. Although it set the standard of excellence, his brand was halted by prohibition in 1915. Now, more than 100 years later, his dream lives on as our own… “A World-Class Spirit with a Chattanooga Soul.”

  • J.W. Kelly Old Milford Bourbon Bottle

    J.W. Kelly Old Milford

    The spirit of J.W.Kelly's original bourbon, born in 1866 in Chattanooga TN, is captured by marrying 5-, 6-, and 8-year-old aged barrels of bourbon, hand selected by the JWK crew. This Old Milford Straight Bourbon Whiskey is handcrafted in 3,000-gallon pot stills to give it bold and unique characteristics.

    The J.W.Kelly Old Milford Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a wonderful caramel color with spicy flavor notes of oak, white pepper, vanilla and English toffee. The unique blend teases your palate with honey, baking spice and nutmeg as well as hints of coffee and fine chocolate. The finish is long with cinnamon, white pepper, barrel char and a slow warming heat. This is an amazing drink that needs nothing added. Enjoy it straight up or with a cube of ice.

  • J.W. Kelly Single Barrel Select Bourbon Bottle

    J.W. Kelly Single Barrel Select

    Also born and raised in the scenic city of Chattanooga TN, J.W. Kelly's original Single Barrel Bourbon was bottled at cask strength, creating a handmade style with its own unique flavors.

    Reborn in 2016, this unique single barrel, coming in at 109 proof, is hand bottled and double oaked. Every barrel is selected from barrels 5-8 years old. Once the barrel has been selected it is then transferred into a new American oak barrel and aged for another 8-12 months.

    Every barrel will be different and have its own personality. That's the benefit of a single barrel, amazing taste, flavors and an amazing surprise with every glass.

  • J.W. Kelly Melrose Rye Whiskey Bottle

    J.W. Kelly Melrose Rye

    Melrose incorporates a rye mash bill first matured in an American white oak barrel that has been air-dried for two years, then lightly toasted and charred. Melrose is finished to perfection in carefully hand selected barrels that reflect truly exotic woods. This attention to detail helps create a unique and rich taste legendary to J.W. Kelly's timeless reputation.

    he distinct aging process that Melrose undergoes adds spicy and dry flavors, heightens notes of cherry and cinnamon, and creates an all-new experience for rye whiskey connoisseurs. Chattanooga's first-born Rye Whiskey, Melrose, is available in select cities across America.

Ian Macleod

Ian Macleod Distillers has built up an enviable portfolio of premium quality spirits and is proud brand proprietor of Chieftan's and Smokehead Scotch whiskies to name but a few. The world's 10th largest Scotch Whisky Company, the Distillery currently produce and sell over 15 million bottles of spirits every year.

A major supplier to the Buyer's Own Brand market, with a reputation for innovative thinking, Ian Macleod Distillers has also supplied own-label spirits to some of Europe's largest supermarket groups for over 40 years.

With continued investment in their bottling plant, Broxburn Bottlers, in warehousing and most importantly of all, their unrivalled stocks of Scotch whisky, Ian Macleod Distillers is in a stronger position than ever to meet the increasing demand for its products from around the world, especially in conjunction with Keeper's Quest.

  • The Six Isles Scotch Whisky Bottle

    The Six Isles

    A handful of Scottish islands produce single malt whiskies, but only one award-winning whisky brings together their full character, peaty flavour and natural colour.

    With six full-bodied single malts in every bottle – Islay, Jura, Skye, Mull, Orkney and Arran – The Six Isles captures every distinctive style and flavour.

    From the peaty and smoky malts of Islay to the soft, heathery, honey and iodine notes of Orkney, The Six Isles takes consumers on a sensory voyage around Scotland's whisky-producing islands.

  • Chieftain's Scotch Whisky Bottle


    A multi-award-winning collection of extremely rare malts, some from closed or mothballed distilleries, each bottling is fit for a King, a Leader or in the Celtic world, a Chieftain.

    Targeted at the connoisseur, each bottle is signed by the Chieftain's Rare Malt Manager, and carries details of wood type, cask number, number of bottles, vintage, age and bottling date.

    Selected for the spring and autumn collections, each Chieftain's bottling has its own unique personality. A variety of distilleries, vintages, wood maturations and strengths are represented, with different colours signifying each whisky region.

  • Macleod's Regional Single Malts Scotch Whisky Bottle

    Macleod's Regional Single Malts

    Take a sensory voyage through the whisky regions of Scotland with the perfect introduction to the world of single malt whiskies, the Macleod's Regional Malts collection comprises a selection of single malt Scotch whiskies, which we believe to be the most representative of their particular region.

    Bottled from stocks of some of the best known single malts, the range takes consumers on a sensory journey through the whisky regions of Scotland and includes a Highland, Island and Speyside.

  • London Hill Dry Gin Bottle

    London Hill Dry Gin

    Made at one of England's foremost gin distilleries &endash; the Langley Distillery, which can trace its roots back to 1785 &endash; London Hill Dry Gin is produced using the traditional pot still method.

    A crisp gin, London Hill's bias towards subtle citrus tones comes from ribbons of citrus peel including lemon and sweet orange. This, along with the other carefully selected botanicals, gives a spicy fruit edge and delivers an exceptionally smooth and refined gin.

    The botanicals, which include juniper berries, citrus peels and coriander seeds, are first macerated with neutral grain alcohol to extract their individual flavours and characteristics.

    No artificial flavours, oils or essences are used in the making of London Hill Dry Gin. All the ingredients are natural and sourced from the four corners of the world.

Spey Distillery

Speyside Distillery, nestled within the magnificent Cairngorm Mountains, is widely acknowledged as being the prettiest of all Scotland's distilleries. Originally a barley mill and croft dating back to the 1700's, it finally closed in 1965. Over the next 25 years, Speyside was slowly and lovingly converted into a single malt distillery, which then started producing spirit on Christmas Day 1990. The distillery draws its water from the Spey River tributary with the River Tromie using the old mill lade, which originally ran the waterwheel that powered the old mill.

  • Spey Trutina Scotch Bottle

    Spey Trutina

    Trutina, in Latin, translates as honest & pure, and this release signifies the natural, simple characteristics of our distillery. 100% maturation in bourbon casks, bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and with no added colour. Limited release of 18,000 individually numbered bottles.

  • Spey Fumare Scotch Bottle

    Spey Fumare

    The first ever peated distillery bottling from Speyside Distillers. Produced from peated barley, which the distillery only used for a small amount of time each year. 100% matured in bourbon barrels, & bottled a 46%, non chill-filtered and with no added colouring. A limited release of 18,000 individually numbered bottles.

  • Spey 18 Year Scotch Bottle

    Spey 18 Year

    Selected from some of the oldest stock in our warehouses, this bottling has been selected from sherry butts laid down in 1998. The long aging has given this bottling a smooth and mellow texture with big, mouth filling, flavours and a long harmonious finish. Bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and with no added colouring. A very limited release of 1,500 individually numbered bottles.

  • Spey Tenne Scotch Bottle

    Spey Tenne

    Initially aged in bourbon casks, this bottling has been finished in the Tawny Port casks from the family run winery, Quinto de Filoco, for 6 months. A limited release of 18,000 individually numbered bottles. Bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and with no added colouring.

  • Spey Chairman's Choice Scotch Bottle

    Spey Chairman's Choice

    A very popular multi-vintage bottling from Speyside Distillery. Drawn from different ages of the Spey stocks to give a warm and silky dram with bags of flavour and intensity. A combination of Bourbon and Sherry casks are used to give layers of flavour and richness to this, Spey's biggest-selling offering. Supplied with an exclusive wooden presentation case.

  • Beinn Dubh — The Black Scotch Bottle

    Beinn Dubh — The Black

    Beinn Dubh (pronounced 'Ben doo' and meaning Black Mountain) is the Gaelic translation of the highest peak, Ben Macdui, in the Cairngorm mountain range in Scotland, and is the second highest mountain in the United Kingdom. This whisky is dark and mysterious and captures the essence of the black mountain in a bottle. It is a thick, incredibly dark whisky produced at the Speyside Distillery, and matured in American bourbon barrels and heavily toasted port casks from The Douro Valley in Portugal.

Pickering's Gin

Pot-Distilled Scottish Gin

This multi-award winning, marvelously mixed gin is hand crafted at Summerhall Distillery – the first exclusive gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years. Based on an original Bombay recipe, kept secret since 1947, Pickering's comes in three delicious bottlings as well as the occasional limited edition. All of them spectacularly smooth and beautifully balanced.

  • Pickering's Gin Bottle

    Pickering's Gin

    Pickering's Gin is based on an old Bombay recipe, handwritten on a fragment of paper dated 17 July 1947. Kept as a family secret for over 66 years, it only resurfaced in 2013 when the distillers began at Summerhall, right in the heart of Edinburgh.

    By the time the gin launched in 2014, the recipe had been fine-tuned, perfecting the balance of botanicals and tweaking it to the contemporary palate. The result is spectacularly smooth, refreshing and flavorsome.

  • Pickering's Original 1947 Gin Bottle

    Pickering's Original 1947

    This edition is made precisely to the original recipe, as it was written down in Mount Mary, Bombay, in 1947. Here the botanical mix includes cinnamon adds a decidedly warming and spicy kick to the spirit. There are 1,000 very limited editions of 1947 to celebrate The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2015, featuring individual batch numbers, a special cartouche and neck tag.

  • Pickering's Navy Strength Gin Bottle

    Pickering's Navy Strength

    In 2014, Pickering's became the official gin sponsor of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. To mark the occasion, they released a Naval Strength edition, also affectionately known as the bearskin gin. Navy strength is so called because you can still fire your gunpowder if you spill your drink on it. Or as Pickering's likes to say, you get more bang for your buck.

Eden Mill St. Andrews Scotland

In 2012, Eden Mill resurrected the proud tradition of crafting where the legendary Haig distillers first laid down whisky. One-of-a-kind, Eden Mill is Scotland's first original single-site combined brewery and distillery. Very few gin makers are as fortunate as Eden Mill and even fewer have all the elements that their specialized team use in creating outstanding flavors and choices.

In partnership with Eden Mill, Keeper's Quest imports outstanding gin and whisky.

  • Eden Mill Original Gin Bottle

    Eden Mill Original Gin

    Eden Mill's award-winning Original Gin, also known as Eden Gin, is the St Andrews take on a classic London Dry. This gin was voted Scotland's Number One Gin at the 2018 Scottish Gin Awards, where 116 gins were blind tasted!

    Made from Fife's seabuckthorn berries, a super food that grows within walking distance of our St Andrews distillery. The unique tart berry flavour is abundant but we balance the gin around it using citrus elements drawn from the other botanicals (like lemon balm and citrus peel). This gin is on a quite different level to most. With the warmer weather fast approaching, this is ideal for you to share with friends over a summer barbeque. A perfectly sociable gin to enjoy outdoors with friends and family. Original gin has a very clean and sweet taste. This is the perfect gin to make a classic gin & tonic so the first question is &endash; how will you enjoy yours?

  • Eden Mill Love Gin

    Eden Mill Love Gin

    This famous light blush pink gin from Eden Mill brings together an outstanding blend of local botanicals and exotic fruits. Our pink gin is a pale colour when poured and when diluted, sweet vanilla and floral notes are brought out. Show your appreciation of a great pink gin and spread the word about Love Gin from Eden Mill. Give Love as a gift for that special occasion whether it is for Valentine's, Mother's or Father's day or as a birthday present.

    This unique gin is now also a favorite of many bartenders in Scotland.

Maison Charpentier

Maison Charpentier is a family owned group specializing in the Cognac business. Since 1895, five generations have invested step by step in the full supply chain of Cognac.

In 1895, coming from the Vendée region, the Charpentier family took over a vineyard in Brie-sous-Archiac. At that time, all of the Cognac region had been destroyed by the philloxera epidemic.

In 1900, the Bouilleur de cru distillery was started in the heart of the Petite Champagne Cru. In 1920, the master house was built. In 2012, the vineyard grew by 50% and higher volumes became available for new projects. Renovation of the master house was also started.

Today, Maison Charpentier is home to a large fully updated distillery in edition to their vineyard in the heart of the Petite Champagne Cru: Brie-sous-Archiac. Their cellars house Eaux-de-vie and ageing Cognac.

  • Dagneau Cognac Bottle


    This Brandy is produced with a process of Double Distillation using Cognac type pot stills.

    Dagneau is a French Brandy produced by Maison Charpentier, where their cellar master prepares each blend in Cognac casks to get a smooth and delicate finish.

Big O Ginger Liqueur

Big O Ginger Liqueur Bottle

Big O is a premium ginger liqueur handcrafted from high-quality, all-natural ingredients and artisan-crafted spirits. Prepared with hand-chopped fresh ginger, whole spices, citrus, wine-based vodka, and brandy. Big O is a smooth, warming drink that's both flavorful and pleasing to the palate. Big O is a superb after-dinner drink, but it is also a versatile base or modifier for creating craft cocktails, giving a fresh twist to classic concoctions or inspiring new creations sure to please any palate.

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