Keeper's Quest, Inc. is a worldwide importing / exporting company of fine spirits such as Whisky, Scotch, Cognac, Armagnac and Gin.

Quest Brands is our U.S.A. warehousing & marketing division with a network of authorized distributors bringing our spirits to a location near you.

Ed Kohl

Ed Kohl is the CEO and Managing Director of Keeper's Quest Inc, dba Quest Brands with more than three decades of experience in the wine and Scotch industry, he is a brand builder from beginning to end.

Ed is a customer-focused professional known for building strong, effective relationships and maximizing sales opportunities with his knowledge of the distribution channels. His proven sales talent has resulted in securing key accounts, cultivating strategic relationships, increasing his customer base and generating revenue. Ed is persistent in achieving set goals while building company value.

He started the company with only one brand and a strong belief that his company could grow – and this it did. With 10 more brands in the portfolio, the company has a growth rate of 30% annually, and it's poised for a positive future. Today, Ed is known as the "Spirit and Scotch expert" to thousands in the industry. He conducts workshops and seminars around the USA with the goal of educating people on the nuances of Scotch and spirits, including the distillation process, tasting and more.

With a focus on expanding the company offerings to include specialty spirit categories outside of the current offerings, Ed and his team are creating a seamless interconnected communication with distillers, retailers and consumers. His main effort is to connect with the consumer who is not interested in the everyday brands, but who wants a new experience with a new brand. This includes Millennials who are considered the growth and expansion in the spirits industry whether they purchase in retail stores, bars, or restaurants.

His company serves as the U.S. importer of great spirits, and as a true whisky fan, Ed ensures that the spirits he imports are authentic, all natural, and each has its own unique story to tell.

In 2012 Ed was inducted into The Keepers of the Quaich, a Scotland original organization that honors and gives recognition to individuals who have worked, excelled and promoted the growth of Whisky and Scotch for more than 10 years.

On September 2, 2017, Ed was inducted into The Order of the Musketeers by Compagnie des Mousquetaires d'Armagnac in France.

Lynn Kohl

Lynn has more than 45 years of experience in the beverage industry as Ed Kohl's lifelong partner. She has been an integral part in promoting the spirits business for the past 25 years as a liaison to Ed. With multiple trips, overseas to various distillers and millions of miles of travel she has experienced various layers of sales and marketing specializing in direct consumer promotions. She has conducted many onsite tastings throughout the US and has an ever-expanding knowledge of the spirits industry.

Our Brands


In 1862 J.W.Kelly migrated from New York state to Tennessee with a dream to produce damn fine whiskey. That passion was realized in 1866 in Chattanooga, TN, with the start of J.W.Kelly & Co. Although it set the standard of excellence, his brand was halted by prohibition in 1915. Now, more than 100 years later, his dream lives on as our own… “A World-Class Spirit with a Chattanooga Soul.”

Ian Macleod

Ian Macleod Distillers has built up an enviable portfolio of premium quality spirits and is proud brand proprietor of Chieftan's and Smokehead Scotch whiskies to name but a few. The world's 10th largest Scotch Whisky Company, the Distillery currently produce and sell over 15 million bottles of spirits every year.

A major supplier to the Buyer's Own Brand market, with a reputation for innovative thinking, Ian Macleod Distillers has also supplied own-label spirits to some of Europe's largest supermarket groups for over 40 years.

With continued investment in their bottling plant, Broxburn Bottlers, in warehousing and most importantly of all, their unrivalled stocks of Scotch whisky, Ian Macleod Distillers is in a stronger position than ever to meet the increasing demand for its products from around the world, especially in conjunction with Keeper's Quest.


Contemporary, individual and exciting, Smokehead appeals to bold and adventurous whisky drinkers who are looking for something challenging and different.

A heavily-peated Islay single malt whisky of the highest quality, Smokehead hits you like a cannonball and takes you on an explosive rollercoaster of peat, smoke and spice with a little delicate sweetness thrown in.

Flying in the face of traditional whisky packaging, Smokehead's striking tin and unique label are hard to miss.

An award-winning Islay single malt with a cult following that stands out from the crowd.

The Six Isles

A handful of Scottish islands produce single malt whiskies, but only one award-winning whisky brings together their full character, peaty flavour and natural colour.

With six full-bodied single malts in every bottle – Islay, Jura, Skye, Mull, Orkney and Arran – The Six Isles captures every distinctive style and flavour.

From the peaty and smoky malts of Islay to the soft, heathery, honey and iodine notes of Orkney, The Six Isles takes consumers on a sensory voyage around Scotland's whisky-producing islands.

Spey Distillery

Speyside Distillery, nestled within the magnificent Cairngorm Mountains, is widely acknowledged as being the prettiest of all Scotland's distilleries. Originally a barley mill and croft dating back to the 1700's, it finally closed in 1965. Over the next 25 years, Speyside was slowly and lovingly converted into a single malt distillery, which then started producing spirit on Christmas Day 1990. The distillery draws its water from the Spey River tributary with the River Tromie using the old mill lade, which originally ran the waterwheel that powered the old mill.

Eden Mill St. Andrews

In 2012, Eden Mill resurrected the proud tradition of crafting where the legendary Haig distillers first laid down whisky. One-of-a-kind, Eden Mill is Scotland's first original single-site combined brewery and distillery. Very few gin makers are as fortunate as Eden Mill and even fewer have all the elements that their specialized team use in creating outstanding flavors and choices.

In partnership with Eden Mill, Keeper's Quest imports outstanding gin and whisky.

Pickering's Gin

This multi-award winning, marvelously mixed gin is hand crafted at Summerhall Distillery – the first exclusive gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years. Based on an original Bombay recipe, kept secret since 1947, Pickering's comes in three delicious bottlings as well as the occasional limited edition. All of them spectacularly smooth and beautifully balanced.


Established in 1643 by a wine merchant, Augier is the oldest, of the cognac houses.

Its history is that of a pioneering House that, has brought to light the wealth of the Cognac region's terroirs and grapes, at a time when the region was discovering the potential of its eaux-de-vie. Keen to safeguard this heritage, we have rededicated Maison Augier to its original calling.

Chateau de Beaulon

Strict adherence – through the centuries and contrary to modern tendencies – to traditional cognac grape varieties : Folle Blanche – Colombard – Montils

Varieties which are delicate and fragile to grow but inimitable in taste and aroma. Distillation on light lees in small copper pot stills, "bouilleur de cru."

Very long aging in Limousin or Troncais oak barrels, generally two to three times longer than legally required and even longer for the rarer quality products.


Local roots. Based in the heart of Bas-Armagnac, Lauvia nurtures a relationship with selected wine growers whose terroirs meet our criteria for character and quality. A method inherited from previous generations. Lauvia exclusively distill in column stills, using the method handed down by earlier generations. The obtained style of spirit guides the selection of French oak casks for aging.

Marquis de Montesquiou

The distillation of Marquis de Montesquiou Armagnacs is conducted using single pass copper stills respecting the ancestral method, which confers power and character to the distillates. As a result of this first stage we obtain eaux-de-vie with great aromatic power. Marquis de Montesquiou continues the tradition by using itinerant alambics that were formerly manipulated by distillers to distill wines of surrounding properties, and therefore combining the expertise of the winemaker and the mastering of the distiller.

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